Update for Fenek

Update for Fenek

November Greetings to You, and to All Fenek’s Friends! 

It’s good to see the number of his friends growing month by month. Everyone at Tabby’s Place appreciates your generosity and kindness and wants to send you thanks for helping this deserving fellow.

Fenek had a blood glucose curve done this month and his insulin requirements were increased.

I can tell you right now that these monthly letters aren’t likely to be filled with exciting stories about Fenek’s adventures chasing a toy or wrestling a roommate. That said, I’m told there’s an interesting situation developing in the room where he and Bacon live.  Bacon is known for being easily overstimulated, and while overstimulation does not appear to be in Fenek’s vocabulary, just the same he is not known for being a friend to all cats, either.

Yet observers in the know are reporting that Fenek seems to be eager to have some interaction with Bacon. They say that the two appear to enjoy talking to each other during their twice-daily swapping of places, one into his enclosure as the other one is given the run of the office. Perhaps Fenek would enjoy interacting with Bacon without someone or something coming between them, but the humans responsible for them aren’t certain that it’s a good idea, not just yet anyway. And I agree they’re wise not taking that chance, even if it might make for a good story.

Here’s what I *can* tell you, however:

  • I’m not sure how he’d react if I tried to pick him up. But so far, during each of a half-dozen visits to date, I haven’t had to.

  • Fenek does not nap or sleep while on my lap, even when I’m not actively petting him. Although he narrows his eyes and rests his head on me, he has remained awake and purring during my visits, savoring the moment. I’m happy to give him what he wants the most—more than sleep, more than food. (Although sometimes he shows a strong desire for the latter, as shown in this photo where he’s tipping a Temptations container.)
  • While on my lap, he doesn’t stay in one position. Sometimes he reclines and looks toward the door, lying on his side with his weight on one of my legs, and at other times he puts his paws on my chest (his claws neatly trimmed, thankfully) and looks me square in the eye. I’d enjoy it if he showed any signs of a desire for a tummy rub, like my good friend, the late great Mr. Hobbes.
  • I do wonder, with cooler weather only a little way off, whether he might appreciate it if I wore a “cat cuddle coat” during a visit.

So even though it might be interesting to give you a thrilling and/or laugh-filled description of Fenek’s antics in this and every month, that’s just not who he is. And unless I miss my guess, what you care about most of all is that Fenek is healthy and well-loved, which he is!

Until next month, I’m wishing you all good things!

Your correspondent,