Update for Faye

Update for Faye

Happy New Year!

Welcome, Faye!

Although she has been at Tabby’s Place for quite some time, this is Faye’s first month as an officially sponsored kitty. My name is Beth, and I’ll be keeping you abreast of all things Faye each month from today on.

I’ll be honest: I sort of begged to be Faye’s correspondent. I first saw Faye over a year ago, but I became Faye’s friend one warm afternoon this past summer. I was sitting on the floor in Faye’s suite, playing with a few of her roommates, when I noticed her high atop one of the kitty-cubbies starting down at me. “Hi, Faye!” I attempted to coax her. “Come down and play.” I waved toys at her. I tried to bribe her with treats. I held up a brush and offered to give her a makeover.

All my efforts were to no avail, until I tried one final approach: “Beautiful Princess Faye,” I said, smiling up at her. I repeated it a few times, and down she came and plopped herself right into my lap. Mission accomplished: we became besties.

If you’ve never met Faye, imagine what a Disney princess would be like if she were transformed into a cat. Then, hand her a copy of Vogue, and draw her a bubble bath. I’m totally serious.

Faye tends to keep to herself. While she doesn’t dislike the other cats, she doesn’t really pay them much mind. Case in point: Steven. We’ve noticed of late that Faye is often accompanied by Steven, though I wouldn’t actually say they’re spending time together. It’s more like Faye loves being out in the solarium, and so does Steven. (Note to self: Netflix “He’s Just Not That Into You”).

Faye’s love of cold weather has its limits, though, as she prefers not to let her toes get chilled. When visitors want to spend time with her, Faye will strategically navigate a path from her heated igloo pad (told ya: Disney princess) and hop from heated bed to heated bed to warm lap.

If you are new to receiving these monthly updates, usually at the end I talk about any medical news. This month’s news is that there is no news; Faye is happy and healthy and wants nothing more than to sleep through the chilly embrace of January and dream of the warmer months to come.

Thank you for choosing Faye as your sponsored kitty. She’s a wonderful little girl, and I think the more you get to know her, the more you’ll love her as much as I do. Faye and I wish you a peaceful New Year, and we thank you for your friendship and generous support. We can’t wait to talk to you again next month!