Update for Faye

Update for Faye

July Greetings to Team Faye!

Faye is taking full advantage now of the warmth and fresh air of the solarium. She is often out there now with the regular solarium crew, who all greet me with eager eyes and meows when I enter the solarium on Sunday mornings to feed them their AM wet food.  Faye is, of course, often the most vocal and the pickiest. Once she finds ‘acceptable’ food from the various offerings, she will dig right in and relish the mush.

Faye, with a photoshopped crown, was the kitty chosen to celebrate volunteer birthdays one week this month. Every week we post a ‘Happy Birthday’ on our volunteer Facebook page, celebrating those volunteers whose birthdays fall on that week, and we include a picture of one of the resident cats, typically adorned with some birthday party accessories. I must say that Faye looks adorable in this photo!

With the addition of many new volunteers to support our Quinn’s Corner expansion, Faye is getting additional attention and loving every minute of it.  To a person, the comment is always “Oh, she is so beautiful!” which, of course, just increases her overall diva mindset!  She knows how to pose for folks (and for our wonderful volunteer photographers), making sure her best side is always showing.

In health news, Faye lost weight this past month, which led the vet team to put her on the list for an abdominal ultrasound. The ultrasound did not indicate progression of her lymphoma, so we are now awaiting results on a full GI panel since she has been doing well for so many years. She also started having an upper respiratory infection with nasal discharge. She is on a course of antibiotics for treatment. Our vet team is the best at caring for Faye and all those with special medical issues, carefully diagnosing the issues and tracking their health.

The Quinn’s Corner expansion will soon bring noise close to Faye’s suite, as the laundry and dishes area will be moved to the new part of the building and the hallways get attached from the old building to the new building.  I’m guessing there will be a bit of a racket during this time, which we hope will only be a day or two.  I guess we need to keep telling Faye and her buddies that it is a ‘temporary inconvenience, but a permanent improvement’ (remember those road construction signs, which didn’t make us feel any better about what was happening?).  The volunteers and staff will welcome the bigger space for doing laundry and dishes, as most days that area is a hub of activity with many volunteers in and out of the space all morning long.

“Remember, there’s no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” —Scott Adams

Thank you for your kindness to Faye and to Tabby’s Place. It creates ripples of love and joy throughout all we do to support these amazing felines. Faye sends you whisker kisses and oodles of love!

Your guest correspondent,