Update for Chipper

Update for Chipper

Well, Spring is here, and the kitties are enjoying the outside ’lounges’ attached to their suites. There is a catwalk from the top of the suites, over the hallway, to the outside areas, where those cats who choose to can enjoy some fresh air in the milder months.

Because Chipper has only 3 legs, it is very difficult for him to maneuver down the steep ramp on the outside. Today was such a beautiful day, that I took Chipper outside for a little ’private time’ for the two of us.

He was very stimulated, investigating every inch of the area. His tail wagged, his nose twitched, and he made his distinctive low moan. The birds were singing, the chimes were twinkling, and the weather was just about perfect (for both of us). He found the food dish right away (big surprise), and only settled down for short intervals for a little petting from me.

At some point the other cats from the suite joined us (they are put there while their suite is being cleaned), and only then did Chipper settle down and enjoy some bird watching (Cat TV).

On another front, Chipper is one of 2 cats being featured in an upcoming NJN Public Television piece for Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat month (June). These are 5-minute spots which introduce the public to some of the wonderful cats which are in need of good humans. Jonathan says that Chipper was very charming during the filming, and we are hoping that he will find a home as a result of the exposure. He is such a wonderful and affectionate cat, I’m sure he’ll hook up with a nice family. Keep your fingers crossed!