Update for Chipper

Update for Chipper

Hello Chipper Sponsors!

Well, it’s been another wonderful month with Chipper! With every visit I love this cat more and more!

I have a regular routine of entering the suite, and sitting on one of the cubes. No matter where Chipper is, he hops right over to me, and jumps up into my lap. It takes him a little longer to load his spring up to make the big leap, but he easily can jump up to my level. It’s good for him, and I never help him up.

This is possibly the most affectionate cat I have ever seen, and Ican’t wait for someone to give him a good home. What joy he will bring to someone’s life!

He started the month with a little respiratory problem (wheezing and sneezing), but the nutrient he is taking for his ’goopy eyes’ (l-lysine), seemed to resolve it.

The only ongoing issue with Chipper, is the tension in the suite with some of the other cats. Hissing matches are not uncommon between Chipper and Smokie, Sheba, Boo Boo and Spots. These are all very affectionate cats who get jealous of human attention. It’s sort of funny, and a bit of a contradiction of terms. I call it “The Ghetto of Sweetie Pies.” They all just want to be loved, and if they have to let a little fur fly to get some attention, they are willing to do it! Nobody has been seriously injured, but there is a new scratch on Chipper’s face, which leads me to believe that he lost a recent encounter. I can only imagine how happy Chipper would be in a home with a human to himself!