Update for Chipper

Update for Chipper

Hello, Chipper sponsors! I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Ellen, and I am thrilled to be Chipper’s new correspondent. What a wonderful assignment! I am in love with this cat!

His coat is soft and white, with a subtle grey streak across his head. I guess even cats get grey when they get older (he’s 13).

He is a perfect lap cat for someone who has a lot of time for stroking and petting. As soon as I walked into the suite for the first time, Chipper and Smokie were at my feet, meowing and vying for attention. This is clearly a problem between the two of them. There is some posturing, growling and hissing, but I haven’t seen any real ’cat fights’. They are both just very affectionate cats who want to be loved.

Once I settled onto the floor, Chipper ’stumbled’ into my lap (graceful he is NOT), and would have stayed there as long as I let him. He has a soft purr, and seems genuinely grateful for the attention.

When I first examined his legs, I wondered if he had trouble getting around. But, missing a leg doesn’t seem to hamper Chipper’s mobility very much at all. I have seen him jump up the 20″ from the ground to the first level of the cubby wall, and last week found him sleeping a level higher than that!

I think that because the missing leg is in the front, he still has enough power to jump as high as he needs to. The only thing keeping him from jumping higher is his ample weight! This is a cat who likes his food! He won’t starve to death, that’s for sure!

Chipper is having no health problems to report, thankfully. Other than his missing front left leg, he’s just a normal cat who loves humans! He’ll make a good addition to some lucky family. In the meantime, come visit him at Tabby’s Place! He loves the attention (and so will you)!