Update for Cherny

Update for Cherny

I am happy to report that dear Cherny is doing wonderfully.
Her weight is up, her appetite is excellent and she is a happy girl.

We did have a bit of a scare with her, during September.
But, it turned out to be a blessing.
You see, one day, some of the employees noticed that Cherny appeared to be straining to defecate.
After a few hours of this, we became concerned: we feared that her cancer may have spread, causing the difficulty.

So we rushed Cherny to the emergency vet, where they examined her and did an x-ray series.
Much to our relief, they determined that the her cancer had not spread and that her difficulty was due to the fact that she was obstipated (extreme constipation, causing blockage).
They had to sedate poor Cherny and “clean her out”.
But, Cherny came back to us and has been fine since (though we keep a special medication on hand, in case she appears to be constipated).

The upside of this is that we knwo that there has been no spread of her cancer!

As it has been getting colder here in NJ, we were starting to worry about leaving Cherny “outside” during the nights.
But, we knew that she prefered to be outside, so we bought her a dog “igloo”, complete with its own heating pad, designed specifically for outdoors use.

Cherny absolutely adores her private house.
She loves spending time in there, even when the weather is nice outside.
You can see a photo of Cherny in her igloo above.

Just this morning, I found some time to spend with Cherny.
I brushed her (which she loves) and spoke to her.
At one point, I leaned down towards her face to give her a kiss and she gave me a head butt.
As you know, this is the way cats greet each other and it always touches my heart to be accepted as an equal by a cat.

Cherny is such a wonderful girl.
I don’t know how, much more time she has, but I will take every day possible with her.
Thanks again for your support.
And, please keep dear Cherny in your prayers.