Update for Cherny

Update for Cherny

We’re now all convinced that Cherny is a “miracle cat”.
Despite the grave prognosis due to her cancer, she continues to thrive.
Just this past week, one of our vets examined her, taking care to check her tongue thoroughly. She could find no indication that the tumor has grown.
Every day with a cat as wonderful as Cherny is a blessing.
And it makes me so happy for her that she has already had so many wonderful months since the difficulties of her surgery.

As you can probably guess from the photo above, we have reinstitued a daily walk for “Cherns” (my nickname for her), whenever the weather is nice.
We have been blessed with some wonderful weather recently, so I have been able to take her for a walk several times a week.

Cherny absolutely loves these walks and they invigorate her.
Since we have restarted the walks, she is much happier and livelier and her appetite has even improved.

I have tried to walk quite a few cats and none of them have been as cooperative as Cherny.
Each day she appears to have a different destination in mind and she simply trots off, with me trailing behind.
Recently she has been exploring the front of the building.
And as you can see below, Cherny is extremely intelligent.
How many cats can read, after all 🙂

Once again, thanks so much for your support of this special girl.
Please continue to keep her in your prayers and thoughts.