Update for Cherny

Update for Cherny

I am sorry that I didn’t get this Special Update out sooner … but, it is only today that I have managed to muster the strength to write this saddest of updates.

We had to let dear Cherny go a few days ago.
The tumor we had noticed on the side of her neck grew very rapidly.
For the first week, it didn’t seem to bother her.
But, during the next week, we could tell that she was starting to have some trouble eating.
For a few days, she was able to lap up chicken broth and baby food. And she was still enjoying her daily walks.

But it got to the point one day that we knew she was no longer enjoying life.
The day before had been unseasonably warm and Cherny had spent the entire day in a large crate, outside in the hot sun.
She was happy and comfortable.
We were happy she had this last wonderful day.
But, we knew it was time to let her go gently, before she began to suffer.
Cherny went gently, surrounded by the people who loved her the most.

I have known many, many cats.
And while they were all wonderful, there was something very special about Cherny.
She was truly one of the most wonderful creatures I have ever had the honor to know.
She was one of a kind and we all miss her terribly.
I miss her more than words could express.
She will live in my heart forever.

As per our policy, we have transferred your monthly sponsorships to our Special Needs Fund, which helps support all of our Special Needs cats.
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We do hope that you decide to continue supporting our cats in need. And, whatever you do, bless you for your caring about Cherny.