Update for Cherny

Update for Cherny

During the time of the surgery, things were very, very hectic as we tried to care for Cherny and decide how to proceed.
During this period, I sent out several email message directlyu to Cherny’s sponsors, rather than creating our standard online updates.

This worked well in keeping her sponsors up to the minute on her status, but it also left a gap in the update records, as the email messages were not available for “historical review”.

For that reason, I have created this update to contain the email message I sent during that time period.
This will you to see an accurate record of Cherny’s updates.

From: Jonathan Rosenberg 
To: Cherny’s Sponsors
Subject: Quick Update on Cherny
Sent: Thu 7/8/2004 09:37

Dear Sponsors of Cherny,

I found out last night that Cherny’s surgery was
postponed because the surgeon’s wife had a baby
yesterday.  We have rescheduled for next Wednesday

This actually works out well, because there is a
drug they want Cherny want to take before surgery.
They are hopeful that this drug will help shrink the
tumor and improve her odds of total recovery.  The
drug was hard to find and we only obtained it
Tuesday.  Now, Cherny can take it for a week, which
will be good.

I will be back in touch as soon as there is more
news to report.

Jonathan Rosenberg
President & Founder, Tabby’s Place
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From: Jonathan Rosenberg 
To: Cherny’s Sponsors
Subject: Quick Update for Sponsors of Cherny
Sent: Fri 7/16/2004 11:07

Dear sponsors of Cherny,

I just wanted to drop you a quick note
to keep you apprised of Cherny’s
situataion. Cherny had surgery on
Wednesday to remove the mass under her
tongue.  The surgery went well and I
was able to bring Cherny back to
Tabby’s Place last night.

Cherny’s tongue is still quite swollen
and bruised and she is having some
trouble eating and drinking.  This is
apparently a common problem
with this surgery in cats.

We are monitoring her closely and are
hopeful that she will be begin eating
better and drinking soon.

The results of the biopsy will take
about a week.  We will be on pins and
needles until then, waiting to hear if
all of the cancer was removed.

I will, of course, keep you informed
of developments.  And, please continue to keep our
dear girl in your prayers and thoughts.

Jonathan Rosenberg
Founder & President, Tabby’s Place