Update for Cherny

Update for Cherny

I started this update a week ago and was writing happily about how well Cherny was doing.
Her attitude was excellent, her appetite was great and she was maintaining her weight.
In fact, she felt so good that she killed a mole one night and laid it out by her food bowl (see photo above).

But, what was to be a wonderful, happy report has turned out to be distressing.
On Tuesday (11/9/2004), we noticed that Cherny was not acting like her chipper, sociable self.
So, we asked one of our vets to examine her.

She found that Cherny was badly dehydrated.
So, we started Cherny on IV fluids and drew blood to send out for anaylsis.
We also noted that her urine was filled with white blood cells and was clearly badly infected.

As you know from our earlier updates, Cherny’s incontinence often leads to bladder infections, which we have tried to control with antibiotics.
It appeared that the infection had gotten out of control this time.
We added some strong antibiotics to her IV fluids and monitored her closely for 24 hours.

Cherny improved greatly during that time and began eating on her own again.
Her urine was once again clear and repeat bloodwork showed no serious concerns.
We removed her from the IV fluids and kept an eye on her.

While she was clearly feeling better, Cherny was not herself.
We suspected she might be depressed being in a cage, so we turned one of the Adoption Rooms into a private suite for her (it is now too cold to leave her “outdoors”).

We moved Cherny in a few hours ago and she is definitely happier.
We are hopeful that this crisis was temporary and that Cherny will soon be her old, interactive self.
But, we are going to be keeping a very close eye on her condition.
Please keep dear Cherny in your thoughts and prayers.
She is not out of the woods and we are worried about her.

I will update you again in the next few days, or sooner if anything changes.