Update for Cecille

Update for Cecille

Dear friends of Cecille,

Well, here it is! The first update for our beautiful but quirky girl Cecille. All of us humans at Tabby’s Place would love to rush over to Cecille to pet her and tell her how beautiful she is. This is not a very good idea on many accounts:

1. Cats do not understand English or any other spoken language. OK, maybe this isn’t a valid point. Don’t all of us do this with our cats and get great enjoyment out of it?

2. Cecille is deaf. Great point. If she is not looking directly at you as you approach her, you have now become a very unwelcome surprise.

3. Cecille is partially blind. Another great point. Bad enough she can’t hear you, she also can barely see you!

Well apparently Sam, one of Cecille’s suitemates, did not read in the rulebook “How to interact with Cecille properly.”

On this particular day, I realized Cecille was not in play mode. She often enjoys playing with various toys, but today was a day for an afternoon cat nap. I became resigned to that fact, so I stood back and admired her curled up in her secluded cubby.

But then, the horror of horrors occurred. Sam dropped by, inches away from Cecille, and simply stared. He kept on staring at her, like a missile that has found its target. Even for felines who have normal hearing and vision, this can be incredibly intimidating.

What happened next was a low growl from Cecille, the likes of which would be more suited to a bobcat rather than a 6 pound cotton ball! I finally had to move the well-meaning but menacing Sam away from her. I knew it would not end up well for Sam if I let Cecille have her way!

We currently have Cecille enrolled in our socialization program at Tabby’s Place. This is for the cats and kittens who need a little extra work to enable them to accept and enjoy the company of humans. Cecille is a perfect candidate for this program. Coupled with her physical handicaps, she was abandoned in an apartment along with her fellow feline companions.

We are certain that someday Cecille will find her forever person, but until that day arrives, thank you for helping us love and care for her!