Update for Cecille

Update for Cecille

Dear friends of Cecille,

I can’t believe how quickly time has passed. It seemed I was just introducing you to your girl, and now we have an update to share with you. This update is really big.

One day I was planning to work in Cecille’s suite with a new cat named Evan. Evan is a sweet boy who, like Cecille, needs to learn that humans = good. I opened the door and was greeted by a cat running up to me. You might expect this was Sam. He is very outgoing and will try to monopolize a person’s attention. But no, this white blur was not the last avalanche of New Jersey’s very long winter, but Cecille!

This is not the kind of thing that you believe until you experience it with your own eyes. Several volunteers had mentioned to me that Cecille was getting curious about human visitors. At first I thought they might have her confused with another white cat. But that’s not possible; she is the only white cat in the suite. April Fools Day? Also not possible. She did this on numerous days. I got to experience Cecille interacting with me on two occasions this very day.

The first time was a very quick meet and greet. She ran over and I carefully petted her for a few seconds before she retreated to her well-secluded cubby. If you can picture a Moray eel popping its head out of its cave to grab a snack and retreat back quickly, you can picture this close encounter with Cecille. (Obviously, this one was a whole lot cuter!)

Later on, she came over to check out the treats I was using with Evan in hopes that he would think I was Ms. Wonderful. Cecille sniffed a little, then headed back to the safety of her cubby. Shortly after, I heard a guttural growl. I’m guessing that Sam could have been hovering over yours truly again!

You will recall that we recently enrolled Cecille in our behavior modification program. We never know how quickly a cat will progress to trusting and enjoying human companionship. Cecille has very pleasantly surprised us. She is starting to look forward to the door opening and checking out who is walking through it.

So this month, my question for Cecille would be, Do humans = good? My guess is that, at the very least, we are now interesting and worth checking out. We will take that!

Until next time, thank you for your interest and support of Cecille.