Update for Buddy

Update for Buddy

October greetings to you, and to all Buddy’s buddies.

Or maybe I should say Tock-tober greetings… here’s Buddy’s contribution to this month’s theme.

It’s been a good month for our Buddy in many ways. He’s had a roof over his head and all the food he wants to eat, both of which you can help take credit for, thanks to your generosity and support. You’ve help make possible Jonathan Rosenberg’s vision for a sanctuary for cats in hopeless situations, as Tabby’s Place marks its 14th anniversary this month.

Frightened, FIV-positive, and feral cats like Shea and Cisco can be themselves. Even if they never become as trusting or as friendly as my ol’ pal Charlie, they’ll be accepted as they are and receive all the care they need.

As far as trust goes, Buddy has certainly turned a corner with the help of the love and affection of staff and volunteers, and indeed, from the big boss himself. Yes, the word has been passed along to me that Jonathan Rosenberg has been quoted as saying that Buddy is “amazingly, now very pettable for me. First time.” That puts me in good company, for not only does Buddy accept my attention, as you see here, he also gives me affectionate licks.

If only all the cats in Suite FIV were as affectionate toward him! While he is friendly toward all, eyewitness reports say that both Lester and Rogue have been picking on Buddy, for reasons known only to themselves. To curb this unwelcome behavior, there’ll be some adjustments made to their behavioral meds.

Just one thing more this month — thank you so much for helping support Buddy. While of course it’s right and honorable to want to do good deeds for cats, some people need to learn that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about it. So long for now!