Update for Buddy

Update for Buddy

November greetings to you and to all Buddy’s buddies.

There’s something missing in the FIV-positive suite today. Buddy’s suitemate Adelaide died a few days ago, leaving a hole in the heart of everyone who loved her. I always looked forward to having her climb onto my lap during a visit. Angela’s blog post tells the sad story of a small calico cat who made a big impression in the short time she lived at Tabby’s Place.

Buddy’s health is good this month. His nose is healing well from those stubborn scratches, and it won’t be long before the vet staff will discontinue Buddy’s steroid. All the stitches are out, although they inevitably left some scars. Still no proof of the cat who put them there, but if I were a betting human, I’d wager that cat won’t try it again.

But Buddy is primarily a lover, not a fighter, and word is that he has been spotted cuddling with the most elusive and feral cat in Suite FIV: Bucky. Although humans can’t touch Bucky, it is a comfort to know that he has a friend he enjoys. That’s the Buddy we know, finding a lonely cat and offering companionship.

Another of Buddy’s qualities is unalloyed enthusiasm for life and an interest in everything in his world. Just outside the solarium fence, someone at Tabby’s Place has installed a Kitty TV, also known as a bird feeder. While I was visiting recently, a finch landed on the feeder, and Buddy stood on his hind legs and leaned against the fence, stretching to his full length to get the closest possible view of the feathered guest.

It’s a pleasure to watch Buddy continue to grab life in his paws. As always, you can feel good about what you do to help Buddy have a better life, and everyone at Tabby’s Place thanks you for it. I’ll talk to you again next month.