Update for Buddy

Update for Buddy

Dear Buddy lovers,

Suite FIV has experienced many changes this month. We are all mourning the passings of both Bo and Hocus. In their final days, they were, as always, surrounded by love and friends.

No sooner had our tears dried than we were welcoming new arrivals Bunk, Socks and Mr. Grey Fluffy Pants. Then, Socks was adopted, and everyone is excited about the arrival of a sweet new fellow named McNulty.

Amidst the changes, Buddy’s taken comfort in the arms of old friend Mona. Increasingly, the two sweet, timid cats have been found curled into a cubby, grooming one another.

You know our Buddy; he is truly a creature of habit. He tends to hover in places where human hands have to flex and bend in slightly unnatural ways to get close to him.

But when it comes to cats, Buddy’s so easygoing that he gets along nicely with the newcomers, all of whom are fortunately mellow fellows. Medically, our dearest boy remains healthy.

On Buddy’s behalf, I send you much love and many thanks this Valentine’s Day.