Update for Beatrice

Update for Beatrice

Hello! As Pam mentioned in last month’s update, my name is Leanora and I have the privilege to be Bea’s correspondent.

This past month I have had the awesome opportunity to get to know little Bea. She is an absolute sweetheart!

About a month ago, each cat at Tabby’s Place got a very special treat – FRESH CAT NIP! Well, Bea absolutely loved it! In fact, she was rolling all over it and guarding the cat nip in her suite like it was gold!

Each week I visit Bea and we now have a little routine going on. We play with some toys for awhile. Then Bea eats. We play some more. Bea eats some more. (Maybe this is why she is such a cute, pudgy little thing!) After awhile of playing and eating, Bea curls up in a little cat bed or basket and lets me pet her head while she falls asleep. Bea lets me know when she has had enough by swatting her little paw at me.

Did I mention Bea’s pudgy little belly’ She is so adorable, I just want to pick her up and give her a big hug. Unfortunately, Bea does not like me to try to pick her up. I am hopeful in time, I will get at least one hug in.

From reading previous updates on Bea, I am overwhelmed by Bea’s progress. She is not the timid little girl she was when she first came to Tabby’s Place.

From all of us at Tabby’s Place, thank you for your continued sponsorship of Bea. It is very much appreciated!