Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

I left on vacation shortly after I wrote Bagheera’s last update and missed Bagheera very much. I think he missed me, too, because he gave me the ’cold paw’ when I got back. He eventually purred and snuggled with me.

Unfortunately, Bagheera is still dealing with the urinary tract infection. While he is not nauseated and his appetite is good, he is drinking more than usual and, as a result, urinating more. And when staff members express his bladder, it seems to be more sensitive (normally Bagheera is quiet as we express his bladder, but recently he has been crying out a little as we do it).

The infection is resistant to several medications, and the antibiotics we had been giving him were not strong enough to kick it. Currently, we are trying him on Doxycycline twice a day.

The first day it wasn’t blistery cold we went outside for a walk. There was a little snow on the ground. Bags started toward it then decided against it. I led him around it and he continued on his way. He was out there longer than I thought he would be – I guess he was enjoying sniffing the fresh air. He looks so cute when he does that with his little black nose wiggling around. When we came in he spotted the Christmas tree in the lobby. He went right to it and investigated. As you can see in the picture he looked all around and even tried to go under it. He is very inquisitive, as a cat should be when he is feeling good.

In this season of giving and receiving, I’d really like to express a heartfelt thanks for your continuing generosity. May your holidays be bright and your New Year happy!