Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Greetings to Bags’ sponsors,

Bagheera has had a much-deserved mellow month after his long banishment to ringworm isolation earlier in the spring. The only medical news for Bags has been a standard re-check of his nevus (the area of dark pigmentation in his eye); our vet didn’t detect any change, so there are no worries there. Bags is still getting oohs and aahs in his spiffy new wagon.

The other day I had to drop off a FedEx envelope. I asked Jonathan if I could take Bagheera for a ride in the car, since I would only be dropping something off.

He said I could, so I got a carrier, put a towel in it and put it in front of Bags. He scooted right over and got in. As you can see in the picture at right, he was very comfortable and secure.

The FedEx box was just around the corner and Bags was enjoying his ride, so I decided to go a little further. He loved it. He just sat there looking up every once in a while.

When we got back, everyone at Tabby’s Place was waiting to see how he did. He just sat in there and didn’t want to come out. I finally had to persuade him a bit.

Bags has been great in his cart lately. He walks out of the side door as usual and goes all around, but lately he comes in the building and then BACK OUT again. It is sooooo good to see him enjoying his walks.

In the last few days, he’s spent a longer time outside than he ever did before. He’s been having a great time. One day recently, on the way back inm he stopped for a sniff and a praying mantis jumped up. It caught Bagheera by surprise, and he tried to find this mystery green thing. He went into the landscaping, but the praying mantis jumped into a day lily bush and blended in perfectly.

Bags looked around for quite a while before giving up and going back in the building. He then went into the community room and tried to fit into a small cloth house he saw. He tried several different ways but could not get in (as you can see at left) so he went out to search for something else more interesting.

I think in the last couple of days Bags has been out more than he has been in the past. He is really enjoying himself, and I am having a great deal of fun watching him!!!!!

Oh and by the way, Buttons and Francis in Adoption Room 3, and Jasmine and Hillary in the Community Room, have been sitting on the window sills watching Bags as he strolls by outside. That also is a sight to see.

Bags and I wish you all a PURRfect summer ☼