Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

It is with very mixed feelings I write my last “official” update on Bagheera as a Tabby’s Place Cat.

Bagheera has been adopted!

Some of you already know that our little prize has found a person of his own and has moved to Connecticut. Bagheera’s adoptive “mom” is a veterinarian who has a passion for cats that have very special needs. She just recently lost a special kitty and found Bagheera on-line and decided he was the one she wanted.

She arrived Thursday 8/7/08, and, as it would happen I was the one who greeted her at the door, only to realize that she was the ONE who finally would be very capable to care for Bags. She used to take her other special kitty to work with her, and her boss supports taking Bagheera there as well. We all know that would be right up his alley.

I talked with her and put Bagheera in his cart and we walked around for quite a while and talked about him, watching him going into the landscape and in and out of the Community Room. I think it was LUV at first sight.

She spent several hours with Bags while talking to Jon & Dr. Collins (our veterinarian) about his medical condition and needs. I was out taking another cat to the vet when I found out he was going. It was very happy and very sad news all in one. Bags’ adopter waited until I got back to bring him home.

I helped her pack up his wheels, Radio Flyer cart and scratching post – along with a few mice he loves to play with. I called to check in today, and Bags’ adopter tells me that his trip home well very well.

He did exactly what I said he would. Every time his adopter stopped the car, Bags would stretch his head to look out. She said he would talk a little as well. It was a longer ride than he had been on before (4 hours), so he started to doze off, fighting it as best he could.

As soon as they arrived home he demanded his supper, and of course he got it. His adopter is so in love with him – you could tell it in her voice, and she said she could only imagine what we were feeling today. We said we would keep in touch and I asked her to give Bags a big hug and kiss from all of us!!!!!!!!!!!

I am glad he & I spent a lot of time walking around both inside and outside over these past few weeks. He is already deeply missed, but he is the PURRfect example of our mission at Tabby’s Place.

Polly & Gabby will miss Bags, too, because his “house” was taken down today, and lately while Bagheera has been enjoying his walk-abouts, these two have taken over his “palace” to catch up on a few zzzzzzzzzzzzs.

Thank you all for allowing me to share my experiences with Bagheera. He is truly a remarable cat and will be missed but NOT FORGOTTEN.

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