Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Hi Bagheera buddies,

A special update rarely brings good news, but I’ll reassure you from the start that Bags is just fine. However, he had an exciting-in-the-bad-way sort of weekend, and took a visit to the emergency vet as a precaution.

We were all concerned when Bags began vomiting this weekend. However, we really KNEW something was wrong when this king of the strong appetite turned up his nose at food (almost unheard of for Bagheera).

So Bagheera was off to the emergency vet. It was discovered that Bags had a urinary tract infection (as he’s had before, and to which he’s prone due to his paralysis). Blood testing also showed that one of Bagheera’s liver values was elevated.

This was alarming enough to make us do an ultrasound. However, the ultrasound showed our jolly boy’s liver to be just fine, with nothing abnormal for a cat of his age.

As I type, Bags is headed home to Tabby’s Place. Our vet suggests that we try taking him off the medication used to relax his bladder (which makes expressing him much easier). This medication can affect a cat’s liver values, so it’s worth trying to discontinue it. If it becomes too difficult to express his bladder without the medication, we’ll start Bags on the medication again.

Other than a stylish new haircut (that shaved-tummy style that all the cool special needs cats love to sport after an ultrasound), our beloved Bagheera will come home none the worse for wear. Right now, Bagheera’s best buddy, Ginny, is on her way to the emergency vet to pick him up and bring him home.

Of course, we’ll continue to monitor Bags very closely, and will keep you posted on any major news. For now, rest assured that this well-loved cat will be well cared-for, and seems to be in the pink.

Thank you for all your kind support, prayers and love for Bagheera!