Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Hello to Bags’ sponsors,

As of this writing, Bagheera remains quarantined due to his ongoing ringworm-positive status. His feline company throughout this ordeal has been Erin, who he already knew from living in the lobby together.

While Bags gets a fair amount of attention in quarantine, it’s much less than the all-day loving he received in the Community Room, and he’s shown his disappointment with his current situation by over-grooming and pulling out the fur on his tail (something that cats often do when anxious).

If only Bags could understand that it’s for the good of everyone – human and feline – in the sanctuary that he spend these few weeks in quarantine!

We’d been using lime sulfur wipes to treat Bags’ and Erin’s ringworm, but they’ve been of limited effectiveness, so we’ll soon begin spraying both cats with the lyme sulfur. Hopefully this will clear up the fungus and speed along the end to their stay in quarantine.

In happier Bags news, his liver enzymes (which had us worried back in January) are now just fine.

Although my day usually just flies by, I have been very lonely without Bags’ being a large part of it. I know everybody misses him, but my heart is breaking just thinking that he doesn’t know why he is back there.

I try to go back there when I can, but it has to be at the end of the day & it is tough. When he sees me, he thinks getting out and about.

Dr. Collins (our vet) just gave the OK to have Bagheera out of his cage scooting around so he doesn’t lose his upper body strength, which is what I was afraid of.

I was so excited the other day. I went to the pet store to see if I could get Bags a scratching post. He loves to scratch, and it got to be almost a ritual: when he came of his house he would head for the scratching post.

I found the PURRfect one; it was made of plastic and can be cleaned!! As you can see in the pictures, I have to gown up completely to go into ringworm quarantine, but Bags comes right over. You can also see him with his new scratching post.

Karina, one of the associates here, says she lets him scoot all over & he always goes to scratch. It will still be a while before he comes out, but now that he can be loose for a while, he will be a little happier.

I know all his friends wish him well☺!