Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Hello to all Bagheera’s supporters,

Sorry to report that Bagheera’s diarrhea continues. He had an ultrasound the other day which showed some mild lymph node enlargement (near intestines.) We did needle aspirates of the area and sent them to the lab to help with a diagnosis (could be inflammatory bowel disease.) In the meantime, he started on a new med (local-acting steroid.) Hopefully, we can soon find out why his diarrhea persists, and more importantly, a way to stop it!!

He is such a super minded cat. He and
still enjoy sharing the sunshine by the front door and will occasionally share it with some new “faces” in the lobby.

We’ve had a very mild winter so far, and Bags is taking advantage of it. The other day he went for a very long walk. As you can see in the picture (to the left), he is heading down the curb to find some new and different smells. He loves to walk around the driveway.

He’s on a very strict diet, as you can imagine, not only to help with his medical problems, but so that he does not get too big for his cart. He begs when someone comes over – first, just for some attention, then to see if they have food. He sometimes gets a morsel or two, OR (as you can see in the picture below) he’ll just go over to some high grass and help himself. I usually shoo him away before he gets to that point, but, oh well, I couldn’t resist this Kodak moment!!

So long for now – talk to you next month. Have a PURRfect New Year!!