Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Bagheera is doing better on the muscle relaxant. We’re having an easier time expressing his bladder. It remains large and flaccid, but at least we’re emptying his bladder more fully now.

Because his bladder is getting emptied, we’ve been giving him the opportunity to drag himself around the lobby each day. The front half of his body is really strong, and he can pull himself forward fast! He loves to check out everyone else’s food dishes to see what he can steal.

The other day, a new kitty named Hanna moved into the lobby. We set her up in a crate so that she could get used to her new surroundings and the other lobby cats in a safe environment. Bags must have thought, “How wonderful of this new kitty to bring food with her!” Hanna just sat there while Bags reached in and helped himself (see photo).

The weather has been crazy, but when we can, we go out for our walks. I never know where Bags will want to go or for how long, so I just follow his lead. When he no longer wants to be outside, he heads for the front door. I take him out of his cart and he usually settles himself into the basket or bed by the door for a nap. The other day he chose the bed, and I put the scratching post by him. He just went to town with it! There are several scratching posts in the lobby, and he loves to use them all.

Hopefully, the warmer weather will be here soon and Bags and I will have more outdoor adventures to tell you about. Talk to you soon.