Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Once he is in his cart, Bagheera is very eager to go, go, go! He heads down the hallway & out the door after a brief sniff of the air. He has been more adventurous outside lately, so he tires himself out and then likes to relax and stretch out as you can see in the picture above.

The other day I had to do some things at my desk that would take a while so I thought Bagheera would like to come out & sit with me. He sat on my lap & looked around. After a while he sat up, rubbed his face against mine and purred. He can be such a love when he wants to. Pam called it a “Kodak moment” and snapped the photo at right.

Just this morning, we observed that Bagheera is not feeling well. He didn’t dive into his fresh bowl of food this morning as he normally does, and he had diarrhea. Pam later noticed him drooling a bit from his mouth.

We suspect he may have a urinary tract infection, because unfortunately for Bagheera, he will be prone to them for the rest of his life since he cannot control his bladder’s function. The skilled staff express his bladder for him regularly, but they cannot always empty his bladder completely. To attempt to do so could rupture the bladder, so they are very careful not to apply too much pressure. Thus, sediment and debris can remain in the bladder and bring about infection. We are going to have the veterinarian examine him asap, and I’ll be able to report on her findings and treatment next month.

Thanks again for sponsoring Bagheera and please feel free to stop by and say hi!