Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Bad news, folks. Our handsome little boy has yet another urinary tract infection. The vet prescribed medication as usual, but it was making Bagheera nauseous and causing him to salivate. Unfortunately, it was also making him inclined not to eat, which is not normal for Bagheera, who normally loves his food. The vet switched him to a different antibiotic and also prescribed medication specifically to combat nausea.

We have also started expressing Bagheera’s bladder three times a day instead of two, hoping to keep his bladder empty enough to escape another infection in the future. Usually our veterinary technician, a staff associate, or even Jonathan will express him, but they are teaching me how since I spend the most amount of time with Bags in the afternoon.

We are also adding an extra physical therapy session to Bagheera’s day. I had observed that Bagheera’s right hind leg seemed to be stiffer than it used to be, so the vet would like us to work on his leg three times a day to help loosen it up a bit.

On the bright side, Bagheera has been in good spirits (except when he is nauseous) and is eager to go on our walks. His newest habit is wheeling himself into a catnip bush that sits just outside the side entrance to the building. The bush looks dead to me, but he likes to smell it (see photo below).

The other day – even though he wasn’t feeling great – he stayed outside in the sun for a long time. The sunshine seems to be good for him, and he enjoys it. I had to bribe him to come in!

In mid-February there were a couple of days that I thought would be too cold for Bags, but when I put him in his cart, out the door he went. He actually stayed out longer than I thought he would.

The biggest surprise, though, was Bagheera’s reaction to the snow. We got about 18 inches of snow at Tabby’s Place during the huge snowstorm last month. After the front walk was shoveled and the sun came out, I thought it would be nice to bring Bagheera out onto the stoop for a little fresh air. I didn’t put him in his cart because he wouldn’t be inclined to traverse the snow — or so I thought! Check out this special webpage we made to share his experience with you: Bagheera Has a Snow Day.

Lots of hugs from Bags . . .