Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Hi to all of Bags’ sponsors!

One of our vets, Dr. Collins, did more research on how to reduce the frequency of Bags’ urinary tract infections. A few doctors have recommended keeping him on small doses of an antibiotic for the remainder of his life. Unfortunately, Bags has trouble tolerating a lot of antibiotics. The most recent one we tried caused him to vomit. We’ve now started giving him the same antibiotic by injection. Hopefully, we will see a much needed improvement!!!!!

Despite his nausea, Bagheera is still enjoying the outdoors. He went rock climbing the other day. If you’ve been to Tabby’s Place, you might have noticed little rocks in the landscaping around the side of the building. Bags was on a mission (MI III ’) and pulled himself through the rocks.

In the photo to the left, Bags is “taking time to smell the catnip.”

After getting a little high, Bags and I played a game of Hide & Seek. He went into the thickest part of the front landscaping (see photo below) and I had to find him. OK, so I embellish a little, but he did have a great time!

The weather was beautiful that day, and Bagheera was outside for a long time. It surprises me how sometimes he gives me attitude (and he can give attitude) about being put in his cart, yet he has the best time once in there.

That’s our boy.

Little nibbles to all!! XoX