Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Happy new year to Bagheera’s sponsors,

Bagheera is back to his old handsome self, with no more chin acne. He remains a ‘fan favorite,’ always eliciting affection from visitors and attention from web-surfers just by being himself.

The other day a young girl came into Tabby’s Place to do an experiment for school. The idea was to offer each cat a small amount of food in the bottom of a small plastic cup and see which paw they used to get the food out. I’m not sure what her findings were, but it was fun to watch some of the cats’ techniques!

After spending lots of time with the cats of Suite B, the young girl FINALLY came into the Community Room where Bagheera happened to be. He was in his cart taking a snooze but quickly awoke when he heard people coming in. He naturally assumed that they were here to see him, so he didn’t want to be rude.

We put him on the table and gave him a cup with a bit of canned food at the bottom. He first tried just to stick his head into the cup, which didn’t work well. Then he laid the cup down to see if the food would just magically come, but, again, it failed. He then put one paw in (I think it was his left) and then tried the other paw.

It seems that he just might be ambidextrous, or maybe had a little balancing issue. Either way he was happy as a clam because, for the sake of the experiment, he had to eat some food!

Bagheera and I are still going out and taking advantage of some sunny days. It has been a crazy winter so far, with the temperatures reaching nearly 70 at one point.

Bags and I hope eveyone had a great holiday season, and please do stop by and visit if you are able – Bags would love to see you ☻ ♥