Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Hello to all,

Bagheera is still having bouts with diarrhea, so we discontinued most of his meds (to see if any of them were causing the diarrhea) & switched his diet. We’ll start reversing the changes to see if we can find the cause of this problem. He may also be causing some of it himself….

He used to enjoy sitting in his basket by the door for long periods of time, but not any more. As soon as I leave the room. he pulls himself out and wanders around the lobby looking for some tasty morsels. In fact, the other night he managed to unhinge the door on his house and wandered around the lobby for quite awhile before being caught!

I was away and missed Bagheera a lot. It was so nice, when I returned, to get back into our routine of taking walks together. The other day when Bags was out, he walked over to investigate our resident associate’s car. I’m not sure where she’d been, but he sniffed every inch of the vehicle. He was out for a long time.

After awhile he decided that a nice nap would be in order; he came in the door and headed right to the basket, but Toby, who usually meets Bagheera at the door, was lounging very comfortably in it. He would not let Bags have the basket (see photo left). Bags was very disappointed but found another haven for his nap.

As you can see in the picture below, he made himself comfortable in one of the many Purramids we have around the building. (Oh, by the way, in case you’re interested, we do have them for sale here. So many of our cats love to sleep in them.)

Bagheera and I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season. Boy, didn’t 2006 go by really fast’ It seemed like just yesterday it was summer.

Happy New Year ♫ talk to you in 2007!!