Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Hi to all of Bags’ Supporters,

Bagheera’s bladder infections seem to be under control. Although we thought the light sedative he gets once a day was helping make his bladder easier to express, we now think we’ll have to bring the sedative back up to twice a day. His bladder is large, and he’s again getting increasingly harder to express.

At first glance . . . you may wonder why there’s a picture of a cat bed in a cage (picture below) – but if you look closer, you can see Bagheera’s leg sticking out. No one can ever say he doesn’t make himself comfortable and/or invisible when he wants to! He loves to burrow himself under his blanket, but when I saw him under the blanket and under the bed, I couldn’t resist taking a picture.

Bagheera and I keep going for our walks. The weather went from winter to HOT, but we still go out every day. Last week Bobby, a volunteer, was doing much needed landscaping. Bagheera, as always, was there (see picture above) to see that Bobby was doing everything correctly!

Bags was out almost the whole day. He had a great time. While Bobby was doing the front section, he was in his garden cart sniffing the air and watching everything. Later in the evening I put his wheels on and away he went into the fresh mulched landscape. He had to work a little harder than usual because of the fresh mulch, but he has such excellent upper body strength and pulled himself through. I had to help him when he was backing up but going forward was not a problem.

Happy summer and thanks for your support.