Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Hi, everybody!

Jonathan has done some research this month on cats with Bagheera’s problem, and it seems a lot of them wind up with chronic urinary tract infections about a year into being paralyzed. Because Bagheera keeps developing different strains of bacteria that are resistant to different antibiotics, the vets are now looking into special treatment protocols for him. I’ll keep you posted on what they come up with.

Bags and I celebrated our birthdays the other day. Our boy is now 9 years old.

As you can see in the photo to the left, Bags enjoyed a bit of my cake. He just reached down & helped himself. We weren’t sure what he would do next, but he licked his paw then dove in again.

In the photo below, it appears that Bagheera celebrated Cinco de Mayo a little too much! He is such a remarkable cat with a great personality.

Although he doesn’t always feel well, he still goes out for his walks, sniffing the air. He enjoys playing with his toy mice and then relaxing in a basket or in his wheelbarrow. Sometimes he snores with his legs up in the air.

Purrs and head butts from Bagheera!