Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Greetings, Bagheera buddies!

Development Associate Angela here, pinch-hitting for your faithful correspondent Ginny, who is recovering from a nasty winter virus. Please keep her in your prayers!

The winter chill and annual arrival of the Tabby’s Place “Catmas Tree” don’t ruffle our mellow fellow, Bags, in the least. When it’s too chilly or wet to have a stroll outdoors, Bags enjoys trotting around the inside of the sanctuary, as you can see at right.

The only recent medical news for Bagheera is of the sort that might make him feel like he’s back in catolescence. He’s got chin acne! Poor Bags, how will he ever get Lillian to go to the prom with him now?

All kidding aside, Bags’ chin acne has mostly subsided, thanks to patient daily wipes with an antiseptic. In classic Bagheera style, our sweetie pie handles this minor inconvenience in a laid-back, “life is good” way.

Life got even brighter for Bagheera a few weeks ago when his ‘apartment’ (the crate in which he sleeps) was moved from the front foyer to the center of the lobby, where it’s a bit warmer and cozier. It’s as it should be for Bags: now he’s literally the center of attention, and his meows go out to all who stroll by (after all, a cat never knows who may come bearing that most magnificent of treats: WET FOOD).

As a loving friend to Bags, you are probably asking yourself: just what would our special guy like for the holidays? Other than unlimited access to Fancy Feast, I’d venture to say that Bags’ holiday wish is for more friends just like you. He’s hoping that lots of folks will choose to support him by giving their loved ones the Gift of Sponsorship this year.

Thank you so much for being a friend to this precious cat. He is a truly special spirit, dearly loved by me, the rest of the staff, and by all who meet him, and your support is priceless in helping us to care for him. Wherever your winter travels and ponderings may take you, may you be blessed and well, and may your new year be overflowing with joy.