Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Hi everyone!

Even though Bagheera restarted the injectable antibiotic, the diarrhea returned. We concluded that although it’s a rare side effect, it must be this type of antibiotic causing the diarrhea. So, we stopped it. Dr. Collins is going to continue to research other ways we can try to help our boy.

Bags and I continue to go for our walks, although I try to take him out earlier in the day because of the heat. One day we went around back because it was shady in the morning. Bags was the first to test out our new Memorial Walkway, which leads to Cherny’s Garden in the back of the sanctuary.

Bags started walking down the walkway and noticed Star and Tippy in their solarium. They were curious about him. Star is very shy, and I was surprised to see her come right up to us. Bags, Star and Tippy sniffed each other for quite a while. Bags then moved on to the next solarium, but they were not as friendly as Star and Tippy, so he moved on.

Bags then went out front and walked around a little longer. He’s so smart, he would find shade where he could and rest in the landscaping. After a while he headed inside and found a little couch that ‘Fly was sitting on. All is fair ’ she got up and he took over.

As you can see in the picture, Bags was sitting on the couch like the prince he is. He stayed there for a couple of hours, changing directions and flip-flopping all over.

The day before, Bags was in a cardboard box, and Fly was on the couch. Today she had to settle for the box. I’m sure that’s fine with her; after all, it is a great looking box.

The summer is going by really fast, but that’s OK. We can use a little break with the heat.

Bags and I wish all of you a purr-fect day.

Bye for now.