Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Hello to Bags’ sponsors,

Bagheera worried us all by refusing to eat at the end of January – and you know how Bags relishes his food. He was sent to the emergency vet, who found that he had a urinary tract infection (to which he’s prone) as well as elevated liver values.

His ultrasound showed his liver to be perfectly fine, and the elevated values were likely not a big deal. We took him off the medication used to relax his bladder for a short time, but had to put him back on because it again become too difficult for our staff to express him. His liver enzymes are now back to normal, and Bags is back home and doing beautifully, screaming his head off with anticipation around 4pm feeding time every evening, and cleaning his plate.

Bags has been acting very needy lately. Many times recently, he’s been in his cart reaching out to me to pick him up. I got to thinking maybe it is because of Sandy, another cat (shhh, don’t tell Bags, but Sandy is another favorite of mine).

Sandy, a former Tabby’s Place cat currently being fostered by one of our staff members, is visiting the sanctuary for a few days, and I have been schmoozing with him. I think Bagheera found out (or somebody snitched).

It could be my imagination, or just plain guilt, because, as you can see in the pictures, he is the same ole Bags. He comes out of his house and up the scratching post he goes. It amazes me how strong his upper body is. Sometimes he pulls himself up to the very top.

And then of course he was helping me the other day while I was unpacking some boxes. He went in and made sure I got everything out! It could also have been to see if there was any food in there.

Bags and I wish all of his friends snuggles and licks for a grand Happy Valentine’s Day♫..