Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera


…So, beautiful Linx Point Siamese Serena showed up in the lobby and became Bags’ new nemesis. At 10 months old, she was active and eager to play. She didn’t bug Bagheera nearly as much as Tumbles had, though; Serena learned quickly that Toby, another lobby mate, is much more easy-going and eager to make friends. Serena and Toby would often sleep together in the same basket. Not surprisingly, Serena was quickly adopted and the lobby was once again quieter for Bagheera.

Bags was having a fine month medically until just a few days ago when he started having diarrhea. We’ve switched him to a different food and are giving him medication to help bulk up his stool. We’re monitoring him closely.

We continue our walks outside whenever we can; Bags really likes the memorial walkway out back, and, of course, he has to sniff the bushes for new smells. The other day we had a visitor. Bagheera was walking toward the door to go back inside when the visitor came out. He immediately turned his wheels around and followed the visitor to the walkway showing off his confident stride. He’s really quite the ham.

Toby and Bags love to sit in their baskets by the front door and stretch out in the sun (the only thing missing is sand). The other day Toby was very interested in watching Bags outside, and when we came in, Toby ran over and gave Bags a big head-butt greeting. It was so funny to see them interact together.

A great Turkey Day to all!

Ginny, Bags (and Toby too)