Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Greetings to Bags’ friends,

Bagheera has been very deeply missed by all the staff and volunteers, since many of us rarely or never get to see him in ringworm isolation. We’re hopeful that his time of quarantine will come to an end sooner than later, as our loving and social boy is clearly unhappy with the situation.

He’s continued to pull at his fur, a common habit of stressed cats. He’s also developed one of the urinary tract infections to which he’s prone.

In sunnier Bags news, our vet has checked his ambulation (ability to move around), and, despite spending most of his time in isolation just sittin’ around, his mobility seems to be fine. We all look forward to the days when Bags can stroll around the sanctuary in his cart again!

It is so very hard for me to not be able to smooch and be with Bags all day. The times I have gowned up & gone into the isolation room, he was more interested in his dinner than me, because I have to go at the end of day (feeding time).

There are also more cats in there, so when I let him scoot around, they were hissing at him. I tried to put him in his cart and go out the back door, but he didn’t want any part of it, and I think he stares at me and thinks, ‘why am I here?’

It is breaking my heart, and I can’t wait until the day he is declared ‘clear’ of ringworm. His coat isn’t the same sleek, shinny black with white speckles as it has been, but hopefully it will come back even better. I’m not sure when he will be clear, BUT IT CAN’T BE SOON ENOUGH!!!!

Bags and I wish you all a happy, PURRfect day, and a special hello to all the moms out there ♥.