Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

I am so glad that Fall is here for Bagheera: he doesn’t have to squint when he first walks out the door, and the temperature is more comfortable for him in his black fur coat. It seems that the noises from the highway are louder these days because he sometimes stops abruptly, stands still and moves his ears to listen. He likes to find tasty patches of grass to munch on as you can see in the photo. I don’t let him eat a lot but he enjoys a little treat.

Last month I reported that Bagheera hadn’t been feeling well and we suspected it was a bladder infection. Turns out we were right. Our vet

prescribed antibiotics and the infection cleared up within two weeks. Bagheera is now feeling like his old self.

He is so funny sometimes. Lately he has been playing “hide ‘n seek” under his blanket. I walked into the lobby the other morning and didn’t see him. At first I thought a staff member had taken him to the vet room, but at second glance I noticed his leg sticking out. I called to him and he poked his head out from underneath (see photo). I laughed so hard. Everybody got a kick out of it.

Don’t forget to stop by if you get the chance. Bagheera LOVES the attention.