Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Well, Folks, it’s finally here – Spring!

Ginny is on vacation, so I thought I’d write to you about Bagheera this month. He, as well as the staff and volunteers, are relishing the beautiful weather we’ve been having. Usually, Mother Nature likes to rush into summer, but we are actually experiencing a lovely spring season. Tabby’s Place is surrounded by lush greenery, bright yellow daffodils, and clusters of singing birds.

Speaking of birds, Bags made friends with one the other day. The bird landed right at the sanctuary’s front door; Bagheera was on the other side of the door looking out. He and Mr. Bird stared inquisitively at each other for a good minute or two before Mr. Bird flew away (see photo).

Of course, if the door hadn’t stood between them, Mr. Bird may have turned into Mr. Lunch, but I like to think that Bagheera would have remained curious rather than been aggressive.

Bagheera continues to enjoy his mobility cart, but we’ve also been permitting him to roam around without the use of a support vehicle. We always have to make sure we pick up the food bowls off the ground before letting him loose, though, cuz those are the first things he heads to. Once he is satisfied that he has searched every corner of the lobby and determined that there is no food of which to partake, he proceeds to make use of every single scratching post.

One last bit of news. Bagheera has done well on the muscle relaxant for his bladder, so our vet has reduced his medication to once a day.

I’ve posted a photo of Bags on Ginny’s lap at her work station. Bags is a very spoiled and content boy. 🙂