Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Happy August, Bagheera supporters!

There have been no changes in Bags’ medications this month, and that’s a good thing. In other good Bagheera news, our boy has two new friends in the office to dote on him when he hangs out in his wheelbarrow: Kirsten (Development Director) and Angela (Development Associate).

Earlier in July, Bagheera lost a tiny bit of weight, but at his last weigh-in, he was found to be gaining again. We’ve switched him to ½ can food twice daily. If he continues to gain weight, we’ll reevaluate this plan. In addition to being bad for his overall health, being overweight means Bagheera has a tighter squeeze in his mobility cart, and can’t enjoy the outdoors (and get some exercise!) as much as usual. The heat and high humidity have probably also contributed to Bagheera’s lack of interest in walking outside.

Recently Bagheera had a lot of fun playing. I let him scoot around the lobby because it was just too hot and humid to go out. I threw a little toy mouse to him, since I know he likes to play with these mice in his “house” (the crate in which he stays overnight).

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing – Bagheera RAN (yes, I said ran!) to get at the mouse. He is enjoying his “prey” in the photo above. It was so amazing to see him play so boisterously. Bags caught up to the mouse, grabbed it by the tail (ouch) and threw it up in the air. He looked and then ran after it again. He did this several times before laying down to rest. I wish I’d had a video camera to capture it all.

On a different day, while Bagheera was sitting in a chair by my desk (which he always thinks is pretty cool), a little kitten named Limerick came into the room. Of course, Bags is always curious. I was curious too, wondering what Bagheera would do if Limerick was brought up to him. At first they got very close to one another, and Bags sniffed Limerick. It was soooo cute (as you can see in the picture at left). After a few minutes Bags thought, “Limerick smells like food!”, but he didn’t see anything to eat…so Bags hissed and backed away. That’s our boy!!!

Bags and I hope everyone is staying cool. Not that we want winter to be here so soon, but fall weather would hit the spot. Have a great month.