Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Purr Purr to everyone. Spring is finally here ☼.

Bagheera is having a wonderful time of it. When we went outside the other day, he walked all over as if he had a purpose. I suppose he needed to inspect everything anew now that the flowers are blooming and birds are chirping — the sights and sounds of spring.

The weather was so pleasant one particular day that I decided to eat my lunch outside. I took Bags out with me in the basket he loves to sit in. As you can see he enjoyed basking in the sun!

Bags is feeling much better these days. His urinary tract infection is gone (at least for now). And the extra physical therapy on his right leg seems to have helped make it a little more flexible.

On another sunny day after Bagheera’s walk, I brought a blanket out, and we sat outside for awhile. All of a sudden Bags rolled over – legs up in the air – and waited for me to rub his belly. I rubbed him all over, and he liked it so much he fell asleep all stretched out! The picture below isn’t too clear, but hopefully you can see his front paws kneading the air in contentment.

Our lucky boy received a visit from one of his sponsors this past weekend. June came by with her new digital camera to take photos of Bags. She held him in her lap for a little while as he purred and rubbed his face against hers before resting it on her chest. Bags sure knows how to charm the ladies.

Lots of purrs from Bags ’ until next time ♥ ♥