Update for Bagheera

Update for Bagheera

Hello, Bagheera supporters,

Bagheera has enjoyed a mostly-quiet month, unruffled by all the action elsewhere in the sanctuary. The only medical news for Bags this month was, fortunately, quite brief. A stomach virus circulated among several of our cats in early October, and Bags was struck with a bit of diarrhea. Fortunately, he recovered quickly and seems to be feeling his oats again.

Recently a young girl, who asked friends and family to bring gifts for TP’s cats to her Bat Mitzvah, came to bring those gifts and meet the cats. She was ELATED to meet Bagheera, and posed to have her photo taken with his famous face.

With the cooler weather approaching, Bagheera has been wandering around a lot more. Last week we just got started on our daily walk when he spotted 2 of our associates leaving. He got behind them and followed them out the door all the way to their cars. He has gone out into the parking lot before, but he’s never followed anyone.

The associates got in their cars, but Bags continued walking around the parking lot. I started to panic, because I didn’t have a clear view to see if anyone was coming in the driveway.

Just before I was ready to turn Bags around (not an easy feat when he doesn’t want to be turned), he did start to go back towards the building. It always amazes me how close he comes to the edge of the sidewalk without falling off, but the fact that he has the sense to go up the handicapped-access ramp just cracks me up.

We walked a little more, then it was time to rest. Bagheera loves to put his head on my lap and enjoy the sunshine. It was a beautiful day!

Happy Turkey day to all, & Bags and I wish you a safe holiday season!