Update for Babs

Update for Babs

Dearest Sponsors,

First, I want to give you an update on Babs’ medical condition. After a few months of stable health, she now has begun to lose weight. As in the past, our medical team has decided not to subject her to a full medical work-up. Because of her age and frailty, it would be difficult on Babs, and such a work-up would almost certainly not help them to help her. If any major problem were to be found, it wouldn’t be in Babs’ best interest to put her through aggressive treatments.

For the time being, our veterinary team will continue to treat her with palliative care, keeping her comfortable and cozy. We’re grateful that Babs remains peaceful and content.

After the past few months of seeing Babs so alert and lively, I was deeply was concerned this month, because she was much less active and less desiring of my attention. However, she was in good spirits on my most recent visit.

When I arrived, Babs was on a chair at the conference table. She let me pet her for quite a while. She also responded well when a volunteer gave her some treats, quickly eating all of them. Later in the day, she jumped down from the chair, had a drink of water and ate a little wet food. Then, she settled into a crate for the remainder of the afternoon.

We always want the best for our sweet Babs. Your continued support and caring ensures she does have the best we have to offer. Thank you, dear sponsors.

During this season of Thanksgiving, Babs and the rest of us at Tabby’s Place wish you and your loved ones much happiness.