Update for Babs

Update for Babs

Dear sponsors,

Babs gave the medical team some concern this month. She developed a urinary tract infection and was in severe distress. It’s not particularly uncommon for an elderly and otherwise fragile cat to seem disproportionately debilitated by a simple (and fortunately non-life-threatening) condition. Fortunately, Babs has responded well to antibiotics.

Because of her illness, Babs was very quiet this month. She slept a lot and spent most of her time in a crate. During my visits, I thought it was better to let her rest and recuperate. I didn’t have much physical contact with her, fearing that it might upset her.

On my last visit, Babs was comfortably curled up in a crate. Again, I left her alone. But, finally, she sat up and let me pet her for a while. She seemed to be in better spirits. I decided to offer her some treats. When I put them in front of her, she came out of the crate, quickly devoured every one of them, and looked for more. Of course, I was happy to give her second and third helpings.

Babs’ roommate, Bonnie, also wanted in on the treat fest and came over to us. Babs made sure that Bonnie got none of treats that I was handing out, and swatted at her. Not to worry, Bonnie did get her fair share as well.

Later that afternoon, Babs come out for a drink of water and spent a little time on the conference table. She walked unsteadily, but jumped on and off the chairs and table with no difficulty or hesitation at all.

We’re grateful for every time that Babs has a good day. Because of you, dear sponsors, she is able to have a comfortable, content life.

From Babs, Bonnie and the rest of us a Tabby’s Place – thank you for your generosity.
We wish you peace and joy during this Holiday Season and in the coming New Year.