Update for Babs

Update for Babs

Dearest Sponsors,

All has been good for Babs this month. She continues to enjoy stable health. We are grateful for this.

On my last visit, Babs had just been groomed and looked lovely. She was very perky that day. I guess she knew how pretty she looked, because she was more than willing to pose for her photos.

Between each of her glamor shots, she was very happy to receive some extra petting. She even showed a slight interest in a toy that I used to try to amuse her. In actuality, she looked at the toy, but didn’t play with it. Normally, if Babs isn’t interested in something, she turns her head away to avoid the situation.

As kitten season continues, Babs has made her peace with it. Kittens = large crates (where the kittens are confined for their own safety overnight). Large crates = Babs’ favorite places. Forsaking the couch and cat tree, she has spent a good deal of time this month camping out in the crates while the little ones were out playing. She does let them share the space with her at naptime.

Your generosity means to so much us. You’re helping to ensure that Babs remains healthy and happy. We are delighted when Babs acts and looks as good as she has lately. Thank you for caring for her.

Babs sends purrs, and we send our best wishes to you.