Update for Babs

Update for Babs

Greetings dearest sponsors,

I hope that you are enjoying summer. Babs’ health has been stable this summer, for which we’re very grateful.

Babs recently had her first experience with Summer Camp. Tabby’s Place hosted its first Kids Camp in July. The children made toys and blankets for the cats and learned how to care for them by giving them their daily dry food and water. They also spent time playing with all of the kitties.

It may be a stretch to say that Babs “enjoyed” the young campers, but she did behave herself beautifully. That’s a fortunate thing, since Babs’ Community Room was the kids’ favorite place to be. Of course, that had a great deal to do with the kittens, but Babs got plenty of attention, too.

Now that the Community Room is quiet once again, Babs has been enjoying her freedom to roam about the room uninterrupted by kittens and kiddies. She has been spending a lot of time in a cat tree reflecting on the activities of summer.

She is eating well and always accepts some gentle petting from me during each of my visits.

All in all, Babs seems happy and content simply to be able to relax.

We are truly appreciative of your generosity. Until September, Babs and I wish you all the best.