Update for Babs

Update for Babs

Happy September, Dear Sponsors!!

Babs and I hope you had an enjoyable summer. Medically, Babs’ general health has remained stable this month. Although she does have some difficulty walking, she is able to jump up and down from chairs, tables, couches, etc. without any trouble at all.

Lately she has taken a liking to lounging on a couch in the Community Room along with her roommates Colleen and Maggie. This is new spot for her. It’s roomy and peaceful, especially now that we have more kittens invading her territory.

One of the kittens, Stew, doesn’t know that there are rules; such as, kittens should not annoy the older cats. Stew approaches all of them only to be hissed or swatted at. The other day, Babs was napping on the couch when her lunch was brought to her. Stew seized the opportunity and bounded over to the food, waking Babs. She hissed, but Stew continued eating until I removed him.

Babs then decided she had better eat the entire dish of food before Stew stole any more of it. We thought that he was a great incentive to entice Babs to eat more, and we might employ him for each of Babs’ meals.

Also, she continues to help me with my administrative work. She doesn’t scatter my paperwork all over the table or steal my pens as those kittens do. Babs is a good assistant.

I spent some extra time petting her on each of my visits this month. She allowed me to pet the side of her face and her ears. I’ve begun to put my hand in front of her face and let her guide me to the spots where she wants to be petted. She seems to enjoy the new routine.

Again, we thank you so much for your generosity to dear Babs. We all wish you the best, and Babs sends purrs to you.