Update for Amber

Update for Amber

Hello again, Amber sponsors. A few weeks ago, some of the Tabby’s Place staff noticed that Amber didn’t seem to be feeling well. So, they moved her to the hospital for observation. She had lost weight, despite the fact that she was being offered canned food twice a day in addition to the dry food available to her. The canned food is a special prescription diet food that is good for cats with kidney disease. Luckily, while spending time in the hospital cage, she gained back all the weight that she lost.

While she was in the hospital, the vets also had a chance to give her eyes a very thorough exam. The diagnosis is that her eyes look wonderful! Don’t they look beautiful in the photo’

On the friendly front, Amber was in heat again! Unfortunately, I missed seeing the lovable, in-heat Amber. But, some of the staff members got to experience this “other side” of her, and had a grand time petting her and hearing her purr!

When I saw Amber last weekend, she was back in the suite and looking good. Her eyes were crystal clear. She allowed me to pet her a bit on her head. I stopped after a few short pets, so as not to annoy her. I also brought in some treats for her, but she chose not to eat them. I don’t think she cares for crunchy chicken flavor treats!

We are hoping that Amber continues to maintain her weight and keep her health conditions in check. She seems to be eating her canned food now whenever it is offered to her. The staff mixes extra water into it to make sure Amber gets as much fluid in her system as possible.

We’ll keep you updated on this most interesting kitty! As always, thanks for your sponsorship.