Update for Amber

Update for Amber

Happy Spring, Amber sponsors! Great news from Tabby’s Place: Amber continues to be friendly and healthy! We couldn’t ask for a better update.

As you recall from last month’s update, Amber recently went into heat and her personality changed dramatically.

Surprisingly though, even after coming out of heat, she kept a friendly attitude toward us! To this day, she remains a friendly cat. When I saw her last, she allowed me to come up to her and pet her, and she even enjoyed it! She did not take a swing at me or hiss at me once. When she had enough of me, she simply turned away and curled up in a sleepy ball. I took the hint, and let her be. It makes me so happy to see Amber be the friendly girl I knew she could be!

On the health front, Amber is doing well. She shows no symptoms of her kidney disease (CRF) or heart disease (HCM.) Currently, she is not even being medically treated for either condition! We are all hoping that her health will continue to prosper and her diseases will lie dormant. Only time will tell.

A change will be coming for your next update: Amber and her suitemates will be moving into a new suite! Since the population in Suite A has dwindled to a mere 6 cats, the Tabby’s Place employees felt that it was time to move them to a smaller suite, and use the larger Suite A for a bigger group of cats. I’ll let you know in the next update how Amber is handling the move!

Once again, thank you for sponsoring Amber. Until next month…