Update for Amber

Update for Amber

Hello, Amber sponsors! I have quite a story about our girl this month. This may sound hard to believe, after learning about Amber’s temperment, but Amber has actually become pretty friendly! Can you believe it’

This all started about a month ago when Amber went into heat. She is the only cat at Tabby’s Place that is not spayed or neutered. Due to her kidney disease (CRF) and heart disease (HCM) the vets felt strongly that Amber should not go through the procedure of getting spayed, as they were afraid she may have serious complications.

When Amber recently went into heat, her personality changed dramatically. She was like a totally different cat! When I entered Suite A, she ran right up to me and started rubbing up against me. I could not believe my eyes. I started petting her, and she loved every minute of it! She began to roll around on the floor, and even let me pet her belly. She was so affectionate! I stayed with her, giving her plenty of love and attention, for about 20 minutes. Not once did she hiss, swat, or bite at me! I was overjoyed at the difference in Amber.

Over the next few weeks, Amber calmed down. Right now, she is not as affectionate as she was while in heat. However, she is still much friendlier than before. Yesterday, when I was visiting Amber, she let me pet her and even enjoyed it for a spell! She sat quietly and even moved her head and neck into my hands a bit. But, after about 10 minutes, she had enough of that. She promptly hissed and swatted at me to let me know that she didn’t want any more. Her claws were not out, and she did not hurt me in the least. I am so happy to see that Amber is accepting and enjoying human contact. I truly feel that the socialization efforts of all the Tabby’s Place workers are helping Amber come out of her shell.

On the health front, Amber no longer receives medicine in her ear for her heart disease. This is because the process was making her nervous and unhappy, and the medicine actually only reached her skin about half the time. So, we are back to only the prescription wet food for her. Thankfully, she still shows no symptoms of heart disease (yay!)

As always, thank you for your support of Amber. Rarely have I come across a cat that goes through such dramatic changes. It is wonderful to see the positive changes in our girl.