Update for Kitten Fund

Update for Kitten Fund

Dear kitten friends,

Last month, I introduced you to a teeny, darling little dilute calico girl, Florence, who was needing all the feistiness that she could muster to get over the hump and feel better. Well, little Flo is definitely feeling better, and she has firmly established herself as the scene-stealer in our vast cast of kittens. You could also think of her as The Enforcer. Or that kid in school who just had to pick a fight with everyone about everything. If you said to Flo that food is for eating and blankets for sleeping, she’d disagree vociferously. And then try to tackle your head.

This littlest wild child gave us quite a scare just before Hurricane Sandy. Our staff entered the kitten room one morning to find Flo very quiet (“quiet” being foreign to Flo’s emotional vocabulary), not bearing weight on one side, and looking strangely “off” on the entire left side of her face. Especially given her fragile heart, this was serious cause for concern, and we rushed her to the emergency vet. The verdict? It seems the littlest calico brawler had simply received a taste of her own medicine. It appears she’d been pummeled by the other kittens! Happily, this was an indignity from which she recovered easily, and she’s back to her wild old ways again.

Most of the kittens in the kitten room are larger than Florence, like Bolt and Pisces, who were born last spring. But two little itsy bitsy babies, Jack and Carla, have graced us with their cuteness this month…and Florence was having none of it!

Flo has this wicked streak to her, and she had poor little Carla squarely in her sights one afternoon. Carla’s just a little black poof, and Flo’s about twice her size, but that didn’t stop Florence from “playing” with Carla, “playing” being a euphemism for “attempting to annihilate”. I rescued Carla, but Florence wasn’t done yet. She turned her attention to teeny tabby Jack, pouncing on him and chomping on his back. That’s when the tide turned, as little bitty Jack actually fought back! Flo didn’t know quite what to make of this furry little boy’s claws and teeth, and she turned tail and ran. Unfortunately, she’d gotten Jack all riled up, and he spent some time stalking her back. Carla had snuggled herself under my chin, glad for the safety of a human.

There’s nothing quite like a roomful of kittens. Sometimes, all they want to do is pile on top of you to sleep. Sometimes, they want nothing more than to raise a ruckus. Whatever mood they’re in, though, they’re such perfect and beautiful creatures, and your life is richer for having spent time with them.

I know you understand that, because you love these little ones so dearly, too. Thank you for giving them your love and support, and if you have the opportunity, please stop by to say hello! Then you, too can experience our darlings in all their glory.